The woman who was filmed beating her 2-year-old daughter wanted revenge on her husband. He thought he was having an affair

Outrageous case in Constanța: a woman was filmed beating her little girl to take revenge on her husband, who went to work abroad. He thought he was having an affair. The filming reached the child’s father, he sent it to a relative, and she alerted the police. The woman was detained last night, today under judicial control for 60 days. All three children of the couple remain in foster care. Digi24 decided not to broadcast the images in which the girl is assaulted by her mother.

The images that alerted the police were posted on a social network. The little girl is hit, reprimands are addressed to her, and at one point her mother throws her on the floor. It all happened last month. Last night, the police picked up the woman from home.

Andreea Iliescu, spokesperson for IPJ Constanța: A provisional protection order was issued on the woman’s behalf, and a criminal investigation file was drawn up in the case of domestic violence, and the woman was detained for 24 hours following the administration of the evidence in question.

The couple has three children. All were taken by social workers.

Mihaela Ristea, representative of DGASPC Constanța: The decision was taken to establish a protection measure for toţand the 3 children. Sbutter to 2 assistţand parents who are neighbors, as they scomplicated or ttogetheră.

The children’s relatives are outraged that the little ones have reached the nurses.

The girl’s grandmother assaulted: He took care of them, washed them. I can’t figure out what happened. I am a grandmother, I can take care of a child, why are you taking my children in my arms?

Uthe girl’s asshole abused: AcEAST fayour She’s a little stressed out love, she is jealous, not judging, he also has a very minor depression.

The pandemic has led to an explosion of domestic violence. More than 8,000 children were killed in 2020, and in the first seven months of 2021, more than 5,000 were abused in the family or community.

For a few days now, the 119, Child’s Phone service has been operating in Romania. It is free, can be called non-stop and is interconnected with 112. Children who are in a vulnerable situation, in danger, but also other people who know about children abused, exploited or subjected to some form of violence, can call 119.

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