The women are talking. right to choose

“We have dreams. Of course we are dreamers ».

(Ona on “Women Talking”)

between narrative and episodic references a “witness, witness” Stylistic virtuosity mediated by Peter Weir (1985) and by Lars von Trier “Dogville” (2003) and Ari Aster “Midsomer, Village of the Damned”canadian director Sarah Polley (In his fourth film after 2006 and 2022 – “away from her”, “take this Waltz”, “The Stories We Tell”) taste “Women Speaking Out. The Right to Choose”, Winner of the 2023 Oscar for Best Non-Original Screenplay, a non-trivial dialogue on female power, courage, choices and limitations.

Strengthened by a huge cast of Divyang – Se rooney mara (in the lead role of Una), Claire Foy, Jessie Buckley, judith ivey, sheila mccarthy And Frances McDormand (also producer with Brad Pitt’s Plan B) – Polly brings to the big screen the ugly, painful but real and important story of a group of women living in a Mennonite religious colony who are repeatedly unwittingly raped. Must be realized. Relative choice of men in the community and what to do.

There are three options: leave everything as it is and leave, stay and fight for your violated rights or leave forever.

There dramatic story (occurred in a Bolivian colony in 2011 and collected in 2018 from the novel by Miriam Toews “Women That Talk”) is told not so much by focusing on what happened, even if unheard of and shocking (women stunned by sleeping pills for cows to use violence on them and then call them visionaries or crying out to deny any wrongdoing (out for divine intervention in case of pregnancy), but also spontaneously arising dialogues between the victims in the absence of the men arrested and atheistic beliefs, fear, anger, tendency to rebellion or what To do but on the expression of the rational plan.


The discussions, sometimes heated, sometimes weary, drawn-out, conciliatory or polemical, take each woman both individually and collectively. revive a sense of both individual and collective self, something they believed to be lost and instead (a reference to the current claims of woman in every field and to the movement) #Me too born in 2017 is clear), was simply removed, alienated, forgotten, due to ignorance of themselves and of the world into which they were all forced.

“Talking Women” this is not a movie ‘feminists’As hastily classified by a part of the critics, exploiting a certain ambiguity of meaning in the use of the word at the present time: rather, it is a question investigate as rationally as possible, reveals the possibilities inherent in a female dimension through language that manages to analyze with clear separation the pros and cons of a choice or situation, avoiding the constraints of an imaginary sentimentality that characterizes women’s thinking. There is no authentic center. Rather, the idea of ​​draft, a strategy developed by a part of masculinity as another discriminatory tool.


effective in filmuse a picture (by Luc Montpellier) is composed of desaturated brown and ocher tones, while Hildur Guðnadóttir’s music, evocative, elegant and disturbing, perfectly sums up the drama of perception. Among the very impressive cast of stars already mentioned (which stands out are Rooney Mara, Claire Foy and Frances McDormand) a mention goes to Ben Whishaw In the role of teacher August App, the only male element of the sad story bearer of an enlightening and positive message.

Director Polly interviewed on the release of the film “The Hollywood Reporter”He has declared: “I’d like to try to fill out my set the same way I did with ‘Women Talking,’ working with people who have a sense of togetherness, who can create space for each other and really create a community.” Can create: I’m tired of working with people who are talented but who create problems for others. I want to work with people who actually make space for others and who really care about them. It’s very rare, but it was very common in this film.»,

“Talking Woman – The Right to Choose” It can be used on major online cinema platforms.

“Woman talking – Right to choose” (Woman talking)

Direction: Sarah Polley

Original: United States of America, 2022, 104′

film script: Sarah Polley

photography: Luc Montpellier

Meeting: Christopher Donaldson, Roslyn Kallu

music: Hildur Guanadottir

mold: Rooney Mara, Judith Ive, Emily Mitchell, Kate Hallett, Liv McNeill, Claire Foy, Sheila McCarthy, Jessie Buckley, Michelle McLeod, Kira Gullane, Shayla Brown, Frances McDormand

Production: Here/Se Productions, Plan B Entertainment

Distribution: Eagle Pictures

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