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Nurse Lucy Lebbie found guilty of murdering seven babies in UK neonatal wardbecame the most prolific serial killer of children nowadays.

Lebby deliberately injected the infant with air, force-fed the other infants with milk, and poisoned two of the infants with insulin.

The nurse declined to appear in the dock for the latest verdict, which was presented at multiple hearings.

The defendant was acquitted of two counts of attempted murder. The jury was unable to reach a verdict on six other charges involving the four babies.

During the trial, which began in October 2022, the prosecutor’s office described Leby as A “calculating, twisting” and “cheating” opportunist Disclosed their “savage attack” to their colleagues.

Her conviction came after Cheshire Police launched a two-year investigation into an alarming and unexplained rise in premature and near-fatal deaths in hospitals.

The court process lasted more than 10 months and is believed to be the longest murder trial in the UK.

Countess of Chester Hospital

The cases occurred at the Countess of Chester Hospital in the UK.

Who is Lucy Letterby?

From the outset of the case, Lebby has vehemently denied all 22 charges against him.

To reach its verdict, a jury of seven women and four men deliberated for more than 110 hours after the trial concluded. Listened to the harrowing evidence for ten months.

But what do we know about the woman who murdered and tried to kill the baby entrusted to her care?

Born on January 4, 1990, Rabbie grew up in Hereford, England, with her parents John and Susan, who have witnessed the murder of their only daughter since October last year in the public gallery of Manchester Court. progress of the trial.

She enrolled at a local university, choosing subjects in high school that she felt would help her achieve her goals and aspirations.

“I’ve always wanted to work with children,” Leby told the jury, adding that she chose the subject “that would best support my career”.

The first in her family to go to university, she studied nursing for three years at the University of Chester.

During his studies, he carried out numerous internships. Most are based in the Infant and Neonatal Unit at the Countess of Chester Hospital.

She qualified as a nurse in September 2011 and began working full-time at the hospital in January 2012 before qualifying. Baby in intensive care in spring 2015.

Lebbie told the court that since then her work has been “mainly” devoted to caring for the sickest babies on the ward.

She also revealed that she has mentored five or six nursing students and said she cared for hundreds of newborns during 2015 and 2016.

The Neonatology Unit at the Countess of Chester's Hospital.

Cheshire Police
The Neonatology Unit at the Countess of Chester’s Hospital.


That was in September 2016, when he was formally notified in a letter from the Royal College of Nursing She is under investigation for the infant death.

Earlier that year, hospital management relieved her of her clinical duties and assigned her to an administrative role in the Office of Patient Risk and Safety.

At the time, Leby thought it was to verify whether the employees were capable of doing their jobs, and he hoped to return to the job he loved.

But six years later, in 2022, the nurse, who had no prior record of convictions, reprimands or warnings, found herself in the dock.

Her defense team argued the death and collapse were due to the unit’s “continuous failure to provide care” and that she was the victim of “a system that wanted to care for her”. Share responsibility when things go wrong.

During the trial, jurors read in court about Lebbie’s private WhatsApp and social media messages about her life outside of work.

“She had a very active social life,” Leby told the jury.

“I used to take salsa lessons, go out with friends, go on vacation with friends. Go to the gym”.

The woman burst into tears as the jury saw pictures of the home where she was first arrested.

Lucy Letterby wipes tears in court.

Lucy Lightby wiped away tears as she testified for the first time during the trial.

Lebby lived in hospital staff quarters for about six months before moving into an apartment in Chester.

He then moved back to hospital accommodation in June 2015 and eventually moved into a house he bought in Chester in April 2016.

A bulletin board in her family’s kitchen is littered with images and letters, including a banner drawn by her godson that read: “Godmother #1 goes to Lucy Letby.”

There are Winnie the Pooh and Eeyore stuffed animals on her bed, and various paperwork and medical records for her two cats, Tigger and Smudge, are kept in drawers in the living room.

Letby Has been in preventive detention since November 2020 and was held in four different prisons.

Her trial captured the attention of readers around the world, many of whom could not understand how a neonatal nurse could commit such a heinous act.

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