The world makes the official debut of Anne Lottermann on the map of the world-time NOW


Anne Lottermann
Anne Lottermann takes over the weather forecast in the news soon, but it has already made its mark on the call of the new Year’s eve (photo: playback / Instagram)

The replacement of the maju expressway, Coutinho on the map-the time of the The Journal Of The National, Anne Lottermann to take over the position on a permanent basis in the next week or so. But you will already be able to see in the role of this Monday (30), the call for a special new year’s eve – the with Ana Paula Araujo and Rodrigo Bocardi, the the play the you you and William Bonner.

In contact with the RD1the communication in the world has confirmed the opening of Lottermann, officially in the next week or so. “You currently doing service in the new year’s eve night. In short, the Start of the week“ after the train station.

Presenter of the weather forecast on the local tv news of Rio de Janeiro, Frank Lottermann, was climbing into the BUILDING on sept. The announcement was made on 30. In June, shortly after the opening of maju expressway, such as the anchor, the newspaper of Today, via an e-mail from the Director of the journalism of the world, Ali, Ali. The statement noted the premiere after the end of the school year, the children of Anne and of his move to Sao Paulo.

With the arrival of the news, even if only as an interim solution, this week is celebrated on Instagram. Thiago Scheuer, of the map of time on holiday in place of “interim” Still in Brazil, he published a photo of the side of a co-worker, “This photo-look forward to @Anne lottermann! Welcome to the official SP and good luck on the prediction of the time of the SP2, and NOW, starting today!“.

The newest member of the news of the most viewed in the country, said of the image:This day is so special for me, and he was filled with the greatest of care! Thank you, @xoia! The first day working and living in são paulo, Brazil. We are on call. I start officially at 6. January. Thank you always for everything and everyone“. Ladies and gentlemen, is congratulated Ana Carolina Raimundi, Ana Luiza Guimarães, Renata Capucci and a former global development Smith, Millena Machado-and-Phelipe ” Siani him.

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