The world missed the opportunity of having a shot list


Scientists had worked on a vaccine for the coronavirus, however, were never able to obtain financing

In the year 2002, in the province China Canton, an unknown virus caused the outbreak of a lethal disease that the scientists called SARS, subsequently it was discovered that the pathogen that caused the disease was a coronavirus which had originated in an animal and had gone to the human.

In a few months, the coronavirus spread in 29 countries, infecting more than 8,000 people and killing about 800.

Following this event around the world there was a claim general to know when they would be ready with a vaccine to end with the deadly virus, and dozens of scientists in Asia, the united States and Europe began to work frantically to create the inoculation.

So that surfaced several candidates, some of which were ready to be used in clinical trials.

But then managed to control the epidemic SARS and the study of vaccines against the coronavirus was abandoned.

Years later, in 2012, he returned to arise in another deadly coronavirus, the MERS-Covthat caused a severe respiratory illness, MERS (respiratory syndrome of Middle East) that originated upon camels, and went on to human.

And many scientists returned to insist on the necessity of having a vaccine against these pathogens.

Today almost 20 years later, when a new coronavirus, the SARS-Cov-2, has already infected almost a million and a half peoplethe world is coming to wonder when it will be ready with a vaccine.

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