The World Smartphone Market Was Broken, But The 2 Country Began To Rise


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The sales of Smartphones fell sharply to 14% in February of 2020 due to the pandemic in China and in the global market, according to research institutions Counterpoint. In fact, the decline in the condition for the spread of the corona in all parts of the world was yet to see worse, until this time.

Because the plague of it, Apple and Smartphone manufacturer was forced to retail stores in China in February. As a result, Apple can only sell less than 500 thousand Smartphones in the mainland market in the course of the month.

Even so, there are signs of a market recovery in mid-March. “China, which is experiencing a decline in sales of 38%, now signs of a recovery with the many shops, the open back shows,” said Counterpoint, quoted from ReutersOn Friday (27/3/2020).

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In South Korea, the same also is to be seen. However, signs of improvement in market conditions has not been seen in the markets of other countries.

Senior analyst at CounterpointJean Park said, “in other parts of the world, the worst of the conditions but not yet occurred.”

The manufacturer of Smartphones, has been faced with supply chain disruption new, because many countries have a policy of quarantine region.

On Tuesday (24/3/2020), Foxconn as one of the most important suppliers of Apple, announced it would suspend operations in India, according to the direction of the government.