The Worst Thing In The Entire History, The Invasion Of The Corona Is Broken, Will The Smartphone Market



BOSTON Corona Virus is still haunting the earth. Worldwide panic and confusion he has made. The economy of the various countries in free fall, a result is not the industry. Including the cell phone industry.

According to market research Agency Strategy Analytics, global smartphone shipments in February 2020 was taken as the lowest in the history since decreased by 38%. ALSO READ: the pain of This Terrible Perceived infection Affected Corona.

During the last month, the shipment of global mobile phone-only to 61.8 million units. In fact, in the same period last year, the broadcast will reach 99.2 million units could. READ ALSO: scientists from Wuhan to Remind the owner of This blood group is Impossible, the Survivors of the Corona

Covid-19, forcing the producers to temporarily close his factory. So also in the case of the large retailers who do not want to have the risk of being infected with the deadly virus.

According to Neil Mawston, Executive Director of Strategy Analytics, the virus, was first known in Wuhan, make gone the shipments from China fell sharply. ALSO READ: Not man-Made, expert immunologist Prove Corona Formed Natural

“The supply and demand of Smartphones in China, slumped in Asia and slowing in the whole world,” says Mawston, quoted by phone Arena, Sunday (22/3/2020).

Although this time in China is recovering from the invasion of the Covid-19, but still expects smartphone shipments throughout the world remain in the doldrums in March 2020.