The wrong shoe theory: does it work for menswear too?

Allison Bornstein collected over 235 thousand views on tik tak thanks to his “wrong shoe” theory. A phenomenon that has conquered the most fashionable section of the Chinese social platform and turned this method into a book. wear it well questioning the way we think about couples. Bornstein’s theory is very simple: combine looks with unexpected shoes. All to give the final result a more interesting and cool tone. But this method can also work for men’s wardrobe?

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Shoes are usually the last item we choose to complete our look, and the stars involved in this trend are all women, from Kendall Jenner before Elle Fanning. If, according to Bornstein, even flip-flops can change the perception of the end result, perhaps unlike tailored trousers, then even a bonton dress can immediately become dressier when paired with sneakers.

wrong shoe theory

On the one hand, Bornstein is exclusively aimed at a female clientele, but it is interesting to see if this method can be applied to men’s fashion as well. On the other hand, the wrong shoe theory can theoretically explain a trend that is already being observed. If we think about Spring 2024 From Louis Vuitton – the first with Pharrell Williams as artistic director – we can trace some images that seem to have a connection with the Theory of Wrong Shoe, famous rubber boots combined with a jacket and Bermuda shorts.

If we can’t yet talk about the wrong shoe theory as masculine, we can definitely talk about elegant casual, a trend that reflects a new interpretation of the pantsuit paired with sneakers. Smart casual menswear, now the norm, uses sneakers to tone down the seriousness of the look. On the other hand, Brad Pitt has already implemented this strategy since the 1990s, and more recently also Stanley Tucci. But can we go beyond the sneaker dress for men? Therefore, we are wondering if anyone will undertake to study the rules of the theory of wrong shoes for men. And what do you think?

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