The X Factor, whether you like it or not, is Morgan’s show. And so it works again

You are an idea. And the idea is something that is completely lacking in Italy.” So he says Morgan strange but talented Animaux Formidables during the premiere X Factor auditions, aired on Thursday 14 September on Sky and Now. What is the idea behind the seventeenth edition of the talent show? After so many years of airing, it is inevitable, albeit reassuring, that the soup will reheat. Marco Castoldi returns, obviously amid controversy, and whether we like it or not, he is the only one capable of reviving the jury. Otherwise, the jury remains unchanged from last year: the beauty that Rkomi does not dance has evaporated, we again see Ambra, Fedez and Dargen D’Amico. At the helm, for the second year in a row, is Francesca Micheline, who opens the show calling herself “your heart guide” And if anything, she’s definitely more free and comfortable in the role than we remembered her. His interactions with the participants before and after the performance seem spontaneous rather than planned. This new X Factor debut is a bit of a homecoming. Including troubles.

The controversy surrounding Morgan is, of course, unpleasant, and almost everyone on the Internet would like to scalp him for the artist’s outrages on the stage of the infamous concert in Selinunte, accompanied by insults towards the audience, even of a homophobic nature. Sky decided not to kick him out of the program, accepting his apology and decision to donate. half of the fee is given to an association supporting the LGBTQ+ community., Rainbow House. Despite the furrowed brows of many viewers, this is a story with a happy ending to the show: veteran Morgan returns after nine years very fired up, as if he never stopped judging the novice contestants. He gets excited, gets angry at Ambra, tries (in vain) to revive Fedez, goes on stage to grope the candidates to see if they are real or the result of hallucinations.. In a nutshell: unlike others, he wants to be there. His evil or cheerful look is enough to entertain, make people understand, rant. Given that the recording took place long before the events in Selinunte, Castoldi is not masquerading as a showman to make amends: he is one.

And thank God. And also because his colleagues have long since become rusty. Ambergris only appears when she responds in kind, except for the Ozpetek phase (“Sometimes you identify with the pain because it’s the most comfortable place,” comments), which will hopefully leave her soon. Lightness is brought by Dargen D’Amico, who reaffirms himself in the role of the court jester., that is, excellent leverage. An excellent partner, who, however, if he had no one to play his role, again Morgan, would be useless in the space-time of the show. Finally Fedez was not accepted: stern for no real reason, he spends his time coloring, supposedly sending her anti-stress. He is not interested, he does not participate, he does not participate at all. For now, he seems to want to continue the role of the character in crisis (marriage) that he has played since Sanremo. If he had been an employee, he would have been sent home for non-compliance.

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The extra effort in finding competitors is and should be noted: some of them are a faded copy of what is fashionable today, such as the young Riccardo Zanotti lookalike who compares the girl of his heart to seventy camels (and is rejected). Instead, others they try to do something new and different if it is still possible: Among the main characters is the very harmonious Angelique Beauvais, who, according to her, has never sung in her life except “in the bath,” the aforementioned Animaux Formidables, Astromare and the fuchsia jumpsuit performer Asia, very Lizzo, but with her own personality. It is quite serious, especially given the musical culture that Morgan possesses, to consider former employee Sarah as “innovative” and unprecedented, who abandoned the office routine to devote herself to music, becoming the female answer to Max Collini of Offlaga Disco Pax, the well-known Italian group Independent. None of the judges give the correct score, and even Morgan goes completely astray by misquoting Carmelo Bene and Giovanni Lindo Ferretti. Patience.

This year’s X Factor reheated soup starts with more flavour. First of all, thanks to the crazy Morgan cell, which creates dynamics, bickering to such an extent that it flaunts hyperbolic compliments that could be done without. “But I’m a real asshole” he admits during those first auditions, and perhaps just that much viciousness was needed to make the show compelling television again. However, those who wanted to get rid of Castoldi were wrong. The X Factor is Morgan’s show, with the occasional wingman getting involved. And that’s how it works.

I write. Constantly waiting for questioning to be recognized as an Olympic discipline.

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