The X-Files, what if Mulder was right?

Suddenly a glow appeared in the darkness.
In this alien summer, not only because of the temperatures, a cascade of NASA revelations about UFOs, renamed UAP (unidentified aerial objects) out of scientific modesty, has renewed the hope of many Fox Mulder who live among us, inside us. First, a conference of sixteen experts from the famous American space agency admitted that yes, indeed, something strange happened in the sky: 800 “unexplained” cases by which these phenomena are classified.

And yes, that’s normal, it’s only 2-3 percent of the total; and we agree that, given adequate discovery tools, we can probably include a significant portion of them in de rerum natura. But even if there were some mystery, we hope space explorers would still feel comforted.
It does not take a lot of time.

Imagine if there were also statements from an unexpected informant, such as this one. David Grush, 36 years old, worked for quite a long time in American intelligence. This former intelligence officer, with a fourteen-year honorable career, two of which on the UFO Task Force of the US Department of Defense, began talking to the press, admitting that his compatriots actually owned the planes “in one piece.” and partially created by non-human intelligence”: that is, alien spaceships. In this Carterian revival within reality, he will be our smoker. And he will not be the only one: other officials also confirm the information, even if the Pentagon clarifies: “We have no verification.” And God forbid.

If the Americans finally unbuckle (next stop Area 51?), our compatriots will start talking again: oh Republic On June 18 last year, it suddenly appeared again Pier Fortunato Zanfretta, whose case is perhaps one of the most notorious in the literature about UFOs, not only in Italy. The former security guard, who became famous for eleven alleged episodes of close encounters of the third and fourth kind with reptilian aliens that occurred in Liguria between 1978 and 1981, after many years of silence, gave an interview in which he repeated his veracity of his stories and the curse that this experience brought into his life, which has since been spent defending himself from ridicule and threats.

The moral is that no matter how nice it is to meet aliens once in your life, you always come back to humans in the end. Who knows what Benito Mussolini might have thought when he decided to hide the entire story of the discovery of an alien plane and the bodies of its two pilots on June 13, 1933 in Vergiate, province of Varese. Known as Mussolini’s UFO., this is the first confirmed case in Italy. It is a pity that the regime immediately classified this story, and the Duce himself ultimately believed in the hypothesis of a German experimental aircraft (after all, both pilots were blond with green eyes and pale skin).

Secrets. There will be so much to tell, and something tells us that in the near future there will be new and surprising discoveries that will further fuel, rather than destroy, conjectures and hypotheses. There will be those who believe and those who don’t. The issue of UFOs has always been an issue of faith. The belief in life from deep space is, ultimately, an allegory of the possible Other, the Further, freeing us from the perimeters of earthly, if not earthly, life.
Fox Mulder never hid himself: I’d like to believehis mantra.
Fox Mulder will have a little more reason today.

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