“There are days when it is difficult even to walk.” Actors Natalka Denisenko and Andrey Fedinchik get sick with coronavirus

Star spouses Natalka Denisenko and Andrey Fedinchik (Photo: instagram.com/natalka_denisenko)

Denisenko and Fedinchik were diagnosed with bilateral pneumonia.

Popular Ukrainian TV actress Natalka Denisenko shared unpleasant news with her fans on her Instagram page. Denisenko, 30, was diagnosed with COVID-19.

Together with Denisenko, her husband, 35-year-old actor Andrei Fedinchik, and also her mother is ill. According to the actress, most likely she contracted the infection from relatives who live in Chernigov.

The artist told how their illness proceeds. The star and her loved ones were diagnosed with bilateral pneumonia. “For the second week, our entire family is fighting COVID-19. To say that we are in a hellish state is to say nothing. On the fourth day, we all have ( I, Andrey, and my mother) were diagnosed with bilateral pneumonia. We did our best to prevent inflammation, but this virus is stronger and more cunning. The first days of the illness, I still published the posts that I was preparing for you, but then the condition from the virus turned out to be stronger. So far, I have neither the strength nor the desire to describe all this in detail. We most likely got infected from relatives in Chernigov, when we took Andryushka from her grandmother, and, thank God, did not manage to infect anyone from those people with whom we contacted the next day. We were even surprised by the positive test because it felt like it was just a mild cold, and we immediately passed the second test, but it was also confirmed. Although we started treatment right away, this virus did not spare us. There are days when it’s difficult even to walk. I just can’t convey this feeling of powerlessness. Let none of those

The movie star admitted that her mother is feeling the worst. “The only“ alive ”of us is our little Andryusha, all this time he, like a little monkey, locked up, runs and jumps around the apartment, he has no symptoms and complications for 10 days, the most difficult thing is for my mother ( she is 62 year), but hope to improve. We are trying very hard to recover as soon as possible, but the virus has not given us hope for the word “quicker” so far. Thanks to everyone who writes, worries! But so far I will not please with good news, ”said the star of the series Serf.

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