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The Hugo Mendoza Children’s Hospital in Santo Domingo Norte had zero beds available to treat dengue fever yesterday; while the Robert Reed Cabral Children’s Hospital in the National District had 10 children waiting in the emergency room Taken to admission area.

Hugo Mendoza and Robert Reid (née Angelita) are major centers in a public network dedicated to the treatment of infants, receiving dozens of patients from all over the country with their children every day Parents from various provinces come for treatment.

With the rise in dengue fever indicators and now the accelerated arrival of respiratory diseases such as influenza, it appears from a distance that the emergency rooms of both hospitals are overcrowded, with an alarming number of patients admitted.

Currently, 80 suspected dengue patients aged between 10 and 18 are being treated in Hugo Mendoza, with three of them receiving special care and facing symptoms such as fever, abdominal pain and vomiting.

Likewise, 72 patients aged between 4 and 16 were admitted to the Robert Reid Cabral Hospital yesterday.

“We have admitted 72 patients with possible dengue fever, 10 of whom are in the emergency room waiting to be taken to the inpatient area. I understand that the number of dengue cases is down slightly compared to last week, but the director of the center, Mabel Dr Jones said: “We have seen a slight increase in the incidence of other respiratory illnesses. “

Infectious syndromes include bronchitis, influenza, sepsis, etc.

Total number of dengue fever

According to the latest report from the Ministry of Public Health, corresponding to the 37th epidemiological week, there are 1,201 active suspected dengue cases and 9 deaths. This latest number is consistent with the situation so far this year.

The provinces with the highest incidence rates are still Santo Domingo (425 cases), the National District (116 cases), Santiago (97 cases), La Alta Gracia (64 cases), Barahona (43 cases) and San Ques Ristobal (40 cases).

A total of 8,772 people have been affected nationwide this year, with the majority being treated at the Hugo Mendoza Pediatric Hospital, which admits 1,235 people, and the Robert Reid Cabral, which admits 1,235 people. 753 people.

They treated 397 children at the Health Plaza, 387 at the Jaime Mota Hospital, 334 at the Unión Medica del Norte Clinic and 309 at the San Lorenzo de los Mina Maternity Hospital.

Likewise, 251 suspected dengue cases were admitted to the Ramón Lara Air Force Hospital, 244 to the Arturo Grullón Hospital in Santiago, 234 to the UCE Medical Center, 181 to the Altagracia Clinic, and 181 to the Juan Pablo Pina Hospital in Santiago. There were 181 cases. San Cristobal 166.

allegedly reduced

Despite reports of high turnover between hospital wards, the Ministry of Health assured that there has been a slight decrease in dengue cases compared to last week and this is evident in cities that have been mainly affected during the current virus outbreak.

At the Week 37 press conference, they said that at least 10 cases had dropped this week in the cities with the highest number of cases.

Collective Health Undersecretary Eladio Pérez said the evidence was that only 1,315 possible dengue patients were reported in week 35, 1,281 in week 36, and in week 37 the number dropped to 1,201.

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