There are only 3 episodes on Netflix: the brutal mini-series that everyone forgot – TV series news

A thriller with a brilliant finish, starring Carmen Machi, Inma Cuesta and Emma Suarez.

This happened in 2019, we all talked about it for a week, and then it faded into obscurity, as is usually the case with many series and films from “streaming” platforms. Criminal It was one of Netflix’s biggest games of the year, but there’s a good chance you won’t remember it. Please review the catalog pages to make a recommendation.

The plot centers on the tragic death of a little girl who is remembered in her bathroom. Extraneous circumstances leading to success lead to the initiation of a criminal case. The series is dedicated to the interrogations that agents conduct in relation to suspicious persons. Through your questions they are trying to reveal the truth that they are hiding.

Criminal This is an interesting experiment proposed by Netflix. The series consists of 4 parts.each of which is driven and centered in a different country. UK, France, Germany and Spain they were involved in this global production, so you’re in one of those three parts, hoping for the same theme, tone and style. A tension mini-franchise with great values.

There are more subdivisions within each of these parts, so each episode is independent of each other. The result is a total of 12 interrogations, 45 minutes eachwhich is enjoyable if you like tension.

When it comes to a dialogue-based series, a good interpretation of its actors is fundamental and, above all, Criminal It features some of the most brilliant performers in the world. What stands out is Inma Cuesta, who, as always, borders on the paper and addresses the viewer. But it is also Emma Suarez, Carmen Machi, Eduard Fernandez or Alvaro Cervantes who strongly support the weight of the interrogations.

And it is not easy to maintain an interrogation full of psychological games and a tense atmosphere. For many, the first episode falls straight into the mouth of the wizard and is the best of the Spanish version. Yes, because we love our country’s products so much, anyone who says that of all things Reino Unido is Criminal who takes the palm. After all, they have David Tennant and Hayley Atwell.

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