There is a nutraceutical that improves acne, hair, cellulite…

when you read there is a Nutricosmetics for cellulite, acne, wrinkles, skin blemishes or hair and nail quality you may not believe. This is logical since such a holistic approach to health and beauty is not common.However, more and more Nutrition and beauty products that attack multiple fronts at the same time, which bills itself as a more effective ally than our favorite creams and serums (careful, don’t stop using these, they have their function too). We can attest that once you try them, you’re in their arms forever.

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A good example is 180’s Healing Formula H6 Concept: “Based on the latest research in combating and delaying aging, the h6 formula is designed to prolong cellular regeneration over time,” they explain from the company. By taking these capsules, we can promote the repair of DNA, provide our body with antioxidants, and remove toxins that build up over time. “Considering that most of the aesthetic changes stem from, inter alia, accumulation of toxins(eg: cellulite, acne, obesity, etc.) taking the h6 formula will have a very beneficial effect on all these changes”, they assure the brand. For this, ingredients such as ginseng and seaweed are used. Chlorelladelay cell degeneration and purify blood.

© Courtesy of 180 The Concept

180 The Concept’s Healing Formula H6.

What does it do?

  • Reduces wrinkles, sagging and blemishes.
  • Eliminate toxins, purify blood, improve acne.
  • It can help us improve cellulite, reduce fat and increase muscle mass.
  • Promotes hair and nail growth.
  • It gives us a more beautiful, longer-lasting tan and protects the skin from sun damage.

Once you incorporate it into your daily routine, you will see how effective it is.

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