There is no hot water for 4 days: a riot of residents who will not be able to take a shower

Only cold water for 4 days. Cold shower and go to work. This is an appeal that will be reserved for some citizens Seventh Turinian September 1st to 4th. More precisely, these are the seventh months connected to the Engie network.

This was announced by the administration on Facebook a few days ago.

In short, there is not much to do: whoever wants to take a hot or at least a cool shower will have to take a shower gel and ask someone for hospitality. Get out of the house, knock somewhere else, and hope that not everyone in the neighborhood is connected to Angie. Otherwise? Otherwise, he will have to change city to take a hot shower.

The news did not have much success among the citizens, who, in fact, perceived it. Being green, respectful of the environment, and conserving water is all well and good, but not showering for 4 days can create some problems.

But I’m leaving Valentina writes: 4 days and then they do not withdraw 1 euro for a disservice and they are waiting for the cold to begin to remove the hot water… crazy things then really, who doesn’t have Facebook reportedly. And the bad thing is that even the company cannot be changed. It is a shame, except for the seventh, to live beautifully.

Angie. – adds Ilenia – Anxious word. I feel bad just thinking about it. To accounts. In the cold they will make us suffer. To a bad telephone connection. Sometimes they decide to leave it on and make us die of cold and then we get tired. And famous and kept the balance. But then where? In what sense? But are you okay?! Ba… Except for Angie… Muka should have been called. Don’t do it in the heat. Wait for November to complete these works, I recommend.

What a disgrace!! – attacking Adele – 4 days and then they send back thousands of euros on bills that were never received… at exorbitant costs.. shame 4 days without hot water!”.

we’ll go wash – Luke jokes – in the house of those who decided to turn off hot water for 4 days.

Prepare a bubble bath.”

So asks Elvira –do we have to shower with cold water after we paid a lot of money?”.

On Tuesday, the civil minority list Insieme per Settimo also put a heavy burden on him.

This ad – they comment – which led us to complete bewilderment for two reasons: we do not understand how it is possible that such a disservice is allowed in our city. We do not understand why the municipality, through its main information channel, decided to take on the role of guarantor of this disservice. Of course, we understand informing citizens, God forbid, but we would like to read: Attached to this notice is also what the junta has provided to help 7-month-olds get through those 4 days without hot water. The municipality should represent citizens, not offer companies a communicative showcase. This is a very serious matter.”

So the solution? Giant kettles should be placed under the house of those who do not have hot water.

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