There ‘ta, there ‘ta the ‘corduroy’ Sech in People en Español


The account of Instagram of the magazine People en Español shared the photo of our “Teddy” as part of the “50 most beautiful”.

Also read the print edition

The photo is the one that appears in the page of the magazine and with the review who write the artist’s panamanian recognized at the international level.

Sech said that in this quarantine works hard musicallyas a result is that at the end of may will release his next album “1 of 1”.

He also said that it helps a number of foundations environmental.

For the first time in the history of the publication, the celebrities that are part of this edition had to be portrayed themselves in the privacy of their homes, this is due to the social distancing.

The title of this publication is “Beautiful, for a better world” and the famous, they talk about how they are living the quarantine by the coronavirus, like how they have changed in their lives since the beginning of the pandemic at the global level and what are your upcoming projects for this 2020.

In addition to Sech, there are other personalities such as: Joy Huerta and his wife Dian Atri; Carlos Ponce and his fiancée Karina Band; Gabriel Soto and his girlfriend Irina Baeva; Becky G and her boyfriend Sebastian Lletget; Chiquis Rivera and her husband Lorenzo Mendez; Francisca Lachapel and her fiance Francesco Zampogna, among others.

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