There was a trailer for the horror about the vampire locust “Swarm”

A trailer for the French horror film “The Swarm” (La Nuee, The Swarm) has been released on the YouTube channel of the Netflix service, in which citizens are attacked by a herd of malicious ghoul locusts.

In the center of the plot is Virginie, a single mother with two children, who owns an edible locust farm – a source of organic protein. At the same time, things are not going well there (problems and bills accumulate). And then – just so bad, after Virginie accidentally finds out a not entirely pleasant way to increase the number of her “cattle”. It turned out that Akrid are very fond of krovushka …

Directed by Just Filippo (Acid). Cast: Zulian Brahim, Sophiane Cammes, Marie Narbonne, Stephane Castang, Victor Bonnel, Christian Bouiette (Jaguar, Maigret), Vincent Deniar.


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