There will be prison in the Yucatan for those who do not adhere to isolation measures by COVID-19


While the Secretariat of Health (SSastate reported that the number of ill persons of COVID19 rose to 41 in Yucatan, the governor Mauricio Vila Dosal he warned that there will be prison up three years of cárcel who do not comply with the measures of isolates issued by the Government of the State to avoid the contagion.

We will not allow the health of the population of yucatán is put at risk, that is why the person who present the symptoms or have been diagnosed with the Coronavirus and does not comply with the measures of isolation to prevent the spread, we may impose a punishment of up to 3 years of imprisonment, and in addition may be a creditor to a fine of up to 86 thousand 800 pesoswrote the governor in their social networks.

The announcement was applauded by its followersbut it has also caused reviews among the users of such platforms, who point out that such a provision could be in violation of rights human.

In an official statement, the State Government pointed out that the Health care law is satisfied that the persons who have been exposed to this disease and who do not respect the limitation set by the health authority, as well as those who violate the temporary closure of the premises or facilities of meeting tax for this cause, will be creditors of the above-mentioned fine.

In addition, you can deprive himself of his freedom to those who interfere with or oppose the exercise of the functions of the authority health or refuse to comply with the requirements and the provisions the Government of the State, causing a danger to the health of the people.

The yucatecan society has shown the commitment to follow the recommendations. Therefore, those who depart from this solidarity and threaten the health of others, shall be imposed a punishment of imprisonment of up to three years according to the Penal Code of the State, and in addition may be liable to a fine of up to 86 thousand 800 pesos in case of a relapsereported the Government of Yucatan.

And while it was announced that warning, officials of the Health ministry said that 41 people have tested positive to COVID-19 and that 10 are hospitalized because their health is serious.

At that point, it still admitted the patient infected and diagnosed in Canada, which case is not included in the official figures.

By Herbeth Escalante


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