There’s a crime movie based on the novel on Netflix for those who love stories about serial killers

Do you like thrillers and serial killer stories? Here is an offer for you. On Netflix There is crime films based on a successful romance that will keep you on your toes until the very end. It’s about Personality broken and has the divine as the protagonist Angelina Jolie.

on Netflix crime film Identity Broken

Crime film about a ruthless serial killer on Netflix

Personality broken (Taking Lives) is a 2006 film directed by DJ Caruso and adapted for the big screen by screenwriter Jon Bokenkamp. This is taken from the book. screw thief From Michael Pai and sees in the center of the plot serial killers ruthless.

The main characters of the film are a couple of favorite actors. It’s about Angelina Jolie (tomb Raider, Changelings, interrupted girls) And Ethan Hawke (day, adolescence, fleeting moment).

Ileana Scott she is an FBI profiler who manages to uncover the identity of the killers she deals with due to her special empathy for them. Call Canada to solve the case of a killer who pretends to be the life and identity of his victims, he will try to put his skills into practice.

Jolie’s interpretation is actually quite controversial, earning the actress an award nomination. Razzie Awards 2004 as the worst actress.

Plot of the film Personality broken

Arrived in Canada at the request of a detective. LeclercIlleana Scott must investigate the murders of the alleged e mysterious serial killer who acts serene for years as he assumes the identity of his victims after killing them. FBI agent interrogates first James Costaa person who claims to have seen the criminal’s face when he committed the last crime and provides an identikit.

Shortly thereafter, the lady presents herself to the police. Rebecca Asher, mother of Martin Asher, a boy with severe mental problems, declared dead twenty years earlier. A woman claims to have seen her son on a train bound for Quebec. After exhumed the boy’s body, it turns out that the body actually belongs to one Matt Soulsby. At this point, Martin becomes the prime suspect in countless crimes.

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