There’s A Sweet Romantic Comedy On Netflix, A Movie You Must Watch, Or Re-Watch

do you want one romantic evening With a sour-sweet film that blends romance and important subjects? But Netflix a beautiful film, romantic comedy With sad background. Bright Side This is the title of the movie that you must watch, or watch again, if you are looking for a story that will tug at your heartstrings.

Romantic Comedy Bright Side on Netflix

A bittersweet and melancholy romantic comedy on Netflix

director David O. Russell, Bright Side is a 2012 film nominated for 8 statuettes oscar and winner for that Best Leading Actress, about this Jennifer LawrenceAuthor of an exceptional performance, has already been seen x man, American Hust – Looks Are Deceiving, Girlfriend for rent. instead the male protagonist is Bradley Cooper (hangover, american sniper, a star is born, With him, in the best cast, even a star like Robert De Niro,

film adaptation of novel silver edge of clouds by Matthew Quick, feature film about mental illness, an always topical subject, treated satirically and lightly, but also deeply and authentically. A romantic comedy Which helps the public to understand that how life is not simple, but acceptance and understanding is the solution to live a better life.

bright side story

Pat Soltano (Bradley Cooper) suffers from a bipolar disorder It never occurred to him that he gets angry when he finds out that his wife is cheating on him. The boyfriend is rushed to the hospital after being beaten by Pat, while she is locked in a psychiatric hospital. resigned prematurely because of his mother’s intervention, return to live with your parents and tries to practice positive thinking to change himself and heal the relationship with his wife, who cannot stand the judge’s order.

At this point in life he meets Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence), a beautiful girl in a state of mental anguish husband’s death. Tiffany offers her help but Pat has to do something in return. Suddenly, his difficult life is at a turning point And the two, without changing anything about who they are, find themselves involved in a relationship that goes beyond simple friendship.

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