There’s a thriller and spy movie on Netflix that will leave you breathless.

Watch this intense action thriller on Netflix tonight with a charismatic female protagonist.

If you want to enjoy thriller on Netflix which has everything you need to take you into a world full of dangerous adventures, here is a new game that has taken the number one spot right away. It was released in August 2023 and its success in terms of downloads was immediate.

In fact, all the most interesting things are here: breathtaking place (also Italy at the beginning of the film with its charming Alps, and then a trip around the world), international conspiracy complex resolution, intrigue AND controversial characters which makes the plot difficult to interpret.

In short, if you are interested, search the platform “Heart of stone“, a title that fans of the genre should not miss, especially if they have enjoyed the previous action films Netflix has produced in recent years.

This Netflix action movie proves to be quite effective in its purpose. intensive AND spicy emphasizing characteristics of international spies and their difficulties in resolving controversial issues they face.

throw this is on a good level: she is here to play the main character Gal Gadot (“Amazing woman“, “Justice League“), next to her is the famous protagonist of the trilogy “Fifty Shades of Gray“, Jamie Dornanit’s still Alia Bhatt (making his debut in Hollywood and having a long career in Bollywood), Matthias Schweigifer, Sophie Okonedo and highly appreciated Glen Close (“Fatal attraction“, “Air Force One“, “House of Spirits“, “Wife – Life in the Shadows“).

From the very beginning of the film, everything speaks of a very strong dynamism of the narrative. The script, the presentation of the characters, the speed of shooting, the special effects: everything goes according to the intensity of the rhythm, which captivates the viewer and does not even give him time to concentrate on the plot. You are immediately immersed in the action.

Everything is very spectacular, a little in the spirit of “The task is impossibleor about heroin “Grabber Robber” It is no coincidence that the budget for its construction was very high. A product that certainly enjoys great success during this period, especially for the genre it covers. It’s no coincidence that Netflix is ​​full of action films with strong detective plots.

If you are interested in this genre and, above all, want to see a completely new production, all you have to do is tune in to the American platform with popcorn in hand.

Heart of stone

Watch the trailer and read the plot.

We’re in the Alps, and a group of MI6 spies are out to catch an arms dealer. The mission is led by Agent Parker. In the van behind the computers and machines is Rachel Stone, an employee who deals with technology for the British intelligence services. Here’s what is officially known about her.

However, no one knows that in fact the woman works for a secret organization that is engaged in maintaining peace throughout the world. Rachel has been trained to pursue this delicate goal, but she must do so while keeping her identity well hidden.

Suddenly something spoils the original plans. Mysterious hacker Keya Dhawan will complicate the mission, putting Rachel’s dual identity in serious jeopardy. Forced to protect the secret Charter organization and challenge the enemy, the heroine will have to get to the bottom of this conspiracy before it is too late.

What would be the consequences if he failed in his very delicate goal? Discover it on Netflix!

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