There’s No Way Home, Director Confirms Fan Hypotheses About Movie’s Ending

Jon Watts discussed fan speculation about the ending of Spider-Man: No Home and what the friendly neighborhood spider might have in store for the future.

'Spider-Man: No Way Home' Director Confirms Fan Hypotheses About Movie's Ending

Spider-Man: No Home, which hit theaters in 2021, ended with a big cliffhanger for the friendly neighborhood spider played by Tom Holland. Everyone has forgotten Peter Parker’s identity, including MJ, but Spider-Man still exists. Therefore, fans have speculated that with this conclusion, Marvel Studios wanted to end the character’s “origin story”. Hypothesis confirmed by director John Watts.

“When we were working on Homecoming, we knew we wanted to tell something we hadn’t seen before with the character of Peter Parker. We wanted it to be a gradual process. First his best friend gets to know his identity, then his aunt and finally the whole world.” indicated on the pages Spider-Man: No Way Home – Film Art. “We took all the necessary time to tell the origin story of Spider-Man in the trilogy. And we ended it with this film.”.

Spider-Man 4 in development, Miles Morales action movie and Spider-Woman movie.

Spiderman 4 will be

Before the strike began, Tom Holland revealed new details about the meeting between Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures for the future of Spider-Man on the big screen. “It was me, Amy (Pascal), (Marvel Studios President) Kevin Feige, (Executive Producer) Rachel (O’Connor) and other Marvel executives joined. ? And I think we have found the reason. I’m very, very happy with where we are in terms of creative development.”.

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