These 2 Free Games PlayStation Plus-March 2020

268 – Each turn of the month, customer service PlayStation Plus will receive exclusive benefits of the Sony. As for the benefits, in the form of the presence of some free games that can be downloaded via the PlayStation Store.

In March 2020, the Sony two free games-title, namely Shadow of the Colossus Remastered and Sonic Forces.

The Game Shadow of the Colossus tells the struggle of a young man trying to Wake up a Princess of the Empire. In the travel the players will be challenged to the fight with the giant.

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Unique in that the players are not there are instructions on the weakness of the giant. Thus, the players are needed to be able to think critically when playing this game.

Sementata it in the game Sonic Forces Size of 18 GB, the player can create and change a character of its own. As for the gameplay, players will enjoy the typical game Sonic in the form of the 3.dimension.

Summarized KompasTekno from PlayStation BlogSunday (15/3/2020), the lines of the game, the above can be downloaded for free by PlayStation Plus subscribers via the PlayStation Store from the 3. March to 6.April.

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The special at the end of March of this year, the PlayStation Plus subscribers will also receive special access to try the game FPS Predator Hunting Ground during the three days from 27. March up to 29. March 2020.

Earlier, Sony has the The Sims 4, Bioshock: The Collectionand Firewall-The Zero Hour as a free game in February.