These 3 Foods Are Best for Fighting Fatigue

this relaxation In our body it is very difficult to eliminate, because over time it became clear that, according to the Spanish Society of Aesthetic Medicine (SEME), almost 36% of the population resorted to aesthetic medicine, after 26 years it was 40 %Year

It must be noted that the majority of these were women: 5 in 10 women and 2 in 10 men had undergone cosmetic treatments. While 56.7% of aesthetic medicine patients opt for facial treatments only (with dermal fillers and Botox being the most popular), body treatments aimed at combating cellulite and sagging and reducing body fat are also on the rise. .

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In turn, to counteract this natural process, there are various body treatments to maintain collagen in our organism. According to Sonia Almela, director of Me&Me Cosmetics, the most effective way to prevent sagging on the face and body is to “stimulate the proteins involved in collagen production, which is to help the body continue to make collagen” “This will prevent it from degrading. There is no doubt that the future of cosmetics It has to be about stimulating functions, not delivering specific assets.”

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In addition, regular physical exercise and a balanced diet are recommended. “Those who don’t know what a healthy, varied diet is, the best thing to do is to consult a nutritionist to design a meal plan according to the needs of each stage of life.” Another problem is developing the right meal plan, which can help to have a healthy diet. Beautiful skin and delays the appearance of sagging.

1. Water: Drinking water consistently is one of the keys to keep your skin smooth. “As we age, the skin loses its ability to retain water. In fact, the swelling of young skin is due to the fact that it does retain water,” says Almera, who also explains that drinking water is important as well as eating Foods rich in it.

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2. Seasonal fruits and vegetables: A diet rich in antioxidants can also help fight cellular aging. According to an article published in the pharmaceutical journal Elsevier, antioxidants “stop the oxidative reactions of cells that produce harmful free radicals. Therefore, their action is important for reducing cardiovascular disease, tumors and neurodegenerative diseases. vitally important.”

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3. Citrus: Vitamin C is essential for many functions in our body, especially for the growth and repair of tissues in various parts of the body. This fruit plays a decisive role in processes such as wound healing, iron absorption and collagen formation. Although vitamin supplementation has become fashionable, in general, it is not usually necessary as vitamins are very present in the diet and are found in foods such as peppers, strawberries, kiwis, citrus fruits or melons. Vitamin C can help repair skin and prevent signs of aging, according to a study published in the journal Nutrition.

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