These Are 10 Tips for Keeping in Your Cart

This year’s drought has threatened commodity prices and inflation, which have been protagonists in recent years. Among other things, what affects the shopping cart. According to the latest report from the National Institute of Statistics (INE), the consumer price index (CPI) rose by eight-tenths to an annual rate of 4.1% in April, which would be the biggest increase since last year if confirmed. possible.

Food prices continue to rise in the first months of 2023 and have already accumulated Purchase prices are up 24% since the beginning of the year, 2021. These figures reflect that Spanish supermarkets have never been more expensive.

While it won’t be reversed by the average user, it can be applied gradually certain buying habits In order to have some savings at the end of the month and make ends meet in the event of a downturn. Applying certain methods or techniques can be key when going to the supermarket.

1) Customs or buying habits

First of all, consumers must clarify what their needs are shopping style and/or habits Consumption: Whether to bet on the most economical, whether to prefer to buy fresh products, etc.

2) Find the cheapest supermarket

When developing a consumer profile, users must Find the cheapest place to buy your product. The Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) carried out a study of the best priced supermarkets in Spain and divided them into three groups: Economy Basket (contains the cheapest products in the store), Brand Basket (contains food products from brand leaders) and a basket of fresh produce. Depending on the group chosen, it will be cheaper in one supermarket or the other.

3) Fresh produce in the late afternoon is cheap

Supermarkets generally offer last minute deals afternoon to avoid throwing away leftovers. This can help you save money and not lose food.

4) Proximity

It doesn’t compensate for long-distance trade if we want to save money.yes It’s important to consider the price of gasoline when traveling long distances. In this way, users have to find the cheapest merchants in their own area to complete the task of saving money.

5) Select the purchase time

not worth improvising. We may end up buying things we don’t need. The decision of when to buy is important. For example, plan ahead what you plan to eat for a week or a month.

6) Always bring bags from home

There are many benefits to this. Among them, Not paying for a bag of business And be clear about what you have to buy without having to add to a previously managed space.

7) Go to the supermarket to eat

no need go shopping hungry. This creates an impulse when purchasing a product.

8) Control the amount and linked quotation

It is necessary to pay attention to the quantity. There are many buy two pay three offers.For these types of “pegged quotes” it is necessary to Wondering if it is necessary to buy so many.

9) Bulk purchase

go to the market to buy Bulk buying allows us to obtain a single quantity what do we need.

10) Planning is the key to saving

It seems repetitive. But if you plan, you can save.It’s him key exercise Face these economic dark scenarios.

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