These Are Poisonous Fall Mushrooms That Look Edible

Going to the countryside to pick mushrooms is one of the most popular hobbies among Spaniards in autumn. Not only that, but cooking them has become one of the traditions for many families this time of year. But you have to be very careful as some species are very similar to each other and can be poisonous.

middle Straight to the taste buds Mushrooms are classified as appearing edible but may be poisonous, poisonous, or difficult to digest.

Mushrooms that look edible but are actually inedible

1. of Amanita caesarbetter known as oronia, one of the most popular mushrooms grown in Spanish fields, is edible. It is orange in color and is one of the earliest species to appear during the season, as it can be found from late summer to early fall. However, there is a drawback to looking for this mushroom: it is similar to another poisonous mushroom.

This is another one from the same family Amanita muscaria, the color is red with white dots. It is one of the most poisonous plants found in Spanish fields, so be sure not to make a mistake. One clue to identifying them is that the stems and leaves of Amanita muscaria are a rich cream color, while those of Amanita muscaria are white.

2. Mushrooms Geomucor, also called negrito, bold or mouse, color gray. It usually appears in mid-autumn and lasts throughout the winter, especially during wet times of the year.But this also means a problem, since it’s easy to do with Mushroom qikouanother mushroom that causes severe gastroenteritis.

3. of thistle arrow It is one of the varieties that is available on the market all year round. This is because it has been successfully cultivated, so its production does not depend on autumn rains. It is usually found mainly in Castile and Leon, Castile-La Mancha and Madrid.

You have to be careful, because while it’s difficult to confuse this mushroom with a poisonous species, it has some similarities to several poisonous mushrooms: dilbatta and long speech. Therefore, the advice from mycology experts is to use your sense of smell and be guided by the aroma of the mushrooms.

4. of Boletus It is one of the most popular mushrooms in all Spanish restaurants. It is very abundant especially in the fall, but depending on the climate it can occur almost year-round. The most popular is the savory porcini, but other varieties of the same family are equally delicious, such as summer porcini, aereus, pinophilus and appendiculatus.

However, although they are an easily identifiable species, care must be taken.It may be confused with another mushroom from the same family, namely Boletuswhich may cause indigestion in consumers.

5. of chanterelles They are also one of the most popular and appreciated mushrooms in our country. They are characterized by their orange, red color and are easy to identify. They come out after the first summer rain and hold on until the frosts begin.Although like the previous mushrooms, they also have a “but”: they are very similar to “false chanterelle” mushrooms Lactobacilli. They are not poisonous but can cause indigestion, so you have to look at the brim of the hat to tell them apart well.

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