These Are the 10 Symptoms That Alert You to High Cholesterol

Only in my country, about 50% of the population suffers from hypercholesterolemia.Although this does not necessarily mean having cholesterol, hypercholesterolemia is a sign we should consider. Broadly speaking, this means levels will be higher than 200 mg/dL.

The good news, however, is that our bodies start warning us even before cholesterol This is a pathology that can lead to serious health problems and we recommend that you learn about possible alarms first-hand.

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Does the body warn us of high cholesterol?

Well, maybe this question was hard to answer a few years ago. However, with the advancement of medicine, today we can say it is very predictable. In case you didn’t know, yes our bodies do have the ability to send us signals.

The reason is nothing more than for the survival of raising the level cholesterol In the blood, our body receives alarm signals. So the way it informs us is precisely through certain symptoms.

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As we all know, cholesterol This is the little monster we’ve always heard about, but probably never paid much attention to until we came face to face. No one is immune to this condition, although there are some recommendations to prevent it from happening.

For this reason, and to minimize these probabilities, we will discuss the most common signals below. Although everyone responds differently, there are generally 10 symptoms that are most common.

The first and most common is inflammation and numbness in the extremities.when the level is cholesterol Adverse reactions are triggered and the accumulation of lipids can hinder the normal flow of blood circulation. Also, bad breath (called halitosis) is often another initial symptom.

Heaviness in the stomach and digestive problems can also quickly set in.As we just commented, excess lipids can affect liver Just like metabolism. Also, there may be a lack of oxygen, which can lead to dizziness and headaches.

Consistent with the latter, constipation is another important sign we see with the naked eye.Speaking of vision, our eyes also undergo some changes due to high levels of cholesterol May cause irritation and blurred vision.

Chest pain is another symptom that is often highlighted because it is an easily recognizable symptom.Although there are many disease This may be related to this symptom and you should always consult your doctor.

When it comes to our vitality, high levels of cholesterol also affects vitality We have poor circulation which can lead to weakness, fatigue and even erectile dysfunction.

But as if that wasn’t enough, our skin may also be affected, as the appearance of hives may manifest if the concentration rises. Likewise, there is an increased risk of developing stones in the gallbladder (known as gallstones).

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factors to consider

Despite untreated high-level consequences cholesterol They can be very serious, and fortunately, in most cases, they are preventable conditions. For this, it is important to review the way we are living our lives.

exercise routine, plus feed Eating a healthy and balanced diet can help us reduce our chances of developing this disease. Now that you know firsthand the 10 most common signals your body is sending you, we recommend you pay attention to them.

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