These are the 16 best home remedies for summer emergencies that will help you out of more than one rut

summerwe take time to rest and enjoy the holidays, it is a time of relaxation and a Invaluable opportunity to connect with nature (Fields, beaches, mountains…) Renew body and mind.

but Changing the environment and engaging in unaccustomed activities may cause Condition health risk.

Fortunately, these conditions are usually temporary, and in most cases there is an easy solution: Remedies based on natural medicine.

With these treatments, many diseases resolve spontaneously, others need medical attention; However, even in these cases Natural emergency measures will help While we wait for medical help.

1. Prevent dizziness

Usually one of the first incidents to occur during the same displacement Dizziness can occur when arriving at a destination by car, plane or boat, and is more common in children.

To prevent them, chewing fresh ginger root two or three hours beforehand can help. Start the journey.

can also take a few Chew the root if you experience dizziness and nausea anyway.

Similarly A slow-absorbing carbohydrate-based base is beneficial as the last meal before a tripsuch as whole grains or legumes, and avoid coffee, simple sugars (pastry, cakes, sweets…), alcohol or smoking.

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