These are the 5 cheapest cars in Argentina

purchase a car ok is increasingly difficult and in our country the values ​​of each unit exceed the 2 million pesos. These prices they were established after, in the last six months of 2021, the price rose 25%, and between 65% and 70% throughout the year.

In this context, some brands made drastic decisions, such as Renault who stopped offering the kwid in our country, one of its most economical models. The aftershock of this change decreased the supply of cheap cars and encouraged the purchase of national models. Even so, the sector grew by 11.5% in the sale of 0 kilometers.

Adding to this, last year patented 381,777 units in Argentina, below the 400 thousand that had been forecast.

Below we detail what are the 5 cheapest cars on the market according to a report published today scope:

1.Fiat Mobile

Its unique version, the Like, is worth $2,058,000. This model went through a cosmetic update last year.

The Mobi is one of the most affordable cars on the market.

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2.Toyota Etios

East model It has six variants in five- and four-door bodies, as well as with a 6-speed manual gearbox or a 4-speed automatic. The X version, the most economic, has a value of $2,059,000 for the four-door version.

The Etios is also one of the most chosen.

3. Chevy Joy

This range comes in two versions with bodywork changes: hatchback (Joy) and sedan (Joy Plus). They also have two variants of equipment: Base and Black Edition. The Joy Base is priced at $2,124,900 and the Joy Plus is $2,197,900.

The two versions of this model are also highly demanded.

4. Fiat Cronos

This car was best selling in 2021 and it is the cheapest national production on the market. Its price starts at $2,171,900.

This car was the best selling in 2021.

5.Jac S2

The last model on the list is the SUVs with the lowest price in the market. It comes in two trim versions: Intelligent and Intelligent FL. Both are priced at approximately $2,289,350.

The Jac S2 is also located in this listing.

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