These are the best tips for peeling hard-boiled eggs in seconds

one of the Main Foods of the Spanish Mediterranean Diet It’s him Egg. Fried, poached or poached, whichever way you prefer, the truth is that it is used in a variety of recipes, despite this, many people have a hard time peeling eggs when cooked because it takes so long, when trying to remove the smaller shells When splintered, it can burn fingers or ruin whites. But this daunting task doesn’t stop us from continuing to eat eggs, as many studies highlight, for example, that eggs are very heart healthy.

So, if you’re one of those people who’s having trouble hard boiled eggswe leave you some tricks and you won’t have any problem, you won’t break eggs again, less than 30 seconds In peeling one so please note.

How long does it take to boil an egg?

The first step is knowing when an egg is hard and not soft to be able to peel it, or how to differentiate between different types of cooking so we don’t get hard boiled eggs when we want soft. – Cook one.For this we have to look at cooking time. Suggested time is 10 to 13 minutes, with 3 minutes depending on the number and size of eggs in the casserole. However, you should not exceed this time so that the eggs do not pass through.

  • Cook for 3-4 minutes: Boil eggs.
  • Cook for 4-5 minutes: Poached eggs.
  • Cook for 10-13 minutes: Boil eggs.

Tips for Peeling Hard-Boiled Eggs

Once we take the eggs out of the casserole and wait for it to cool down a bit, there are different peeling techniques, Just like using a jar or a spoon.

For the first tip, all you need is a container that can hold eggs: a can of chickpeas, a lunchbox, a pot of coffee…and We put it in a container with a little water, half a centimeter. We cover it and shake it. With movement and contact with water, the shell softens and falls off easily, leaving the egg in perfect condition and already peeled.

How to Peel an Egg in 30 Seconds

Another very fast method Peeling hard-boiled eggs with a spoon. In fact, it’s a trick to avoid getting your hands dirty, which will make the process much easier. You only need to remove a bit of the shell from the top or middle to insert the spoon. We put the spoon between the shell and the white and “voila”, goodbye shell.

The spoon is concave, with the curvature facing inward, Perfectly fits the shape of an eggwhich will make the shell come off easier.

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