These are the cultural events in Bahia this weekend – La Brújula 24

Activities for the first weekend in September have to be fun for the whole family.

saturday 2

new data. A new edition of the subversive festival at 2 museums. From 3:00 pm, admission is free, and there will be a variety of artistic proposals. Low-key anniversary gift: Video Club. Acoustic work by Jose Zurman. Object and Design Fair.The event is coordinated by the Bureau for Emerging Arts and Cultural Activities
Public spaces, 2 museums and Juan Alonso.

Stand by Cardenal. At the Science Museum in City Park, Tree Day will be celebrated by planting some native trees donated by Semillateca (UNS) in the Cardenal District.

Sunday 3

Enjoy Bahia, special health. From 1:00pm, Boronat Park will host a fantastic food walk, socio-economic entrepreneur fair, live music and art performances for the whole family. In addition, the Ministry of Health will also set up information stations, recreational activities, etc. together with different NGOs in the city that work on health promotion and disease prevention.

HIV, syphilis, hepatitis C testing and completion of the vaccination program will also be performed.

Serrata Abruzzo and Molisano. On the day the migrants arrived at the Port Museum, the museum kitchen hosted the Abruzzo and Molisano centers of Port Blanca, with tables filled with pizzelle, cicerchiata, soffioni, crostate and many more delicacies prepared by its members. Also, the Abruzzo choir sings between the tables and the Asociación Amigas will not be short of chocolates! Free admission. Guillermo Torres 4180.

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