These are the diseases that can affect dogs during the rainy and wet season

Veterinarian Carol Ayala said distemper, also known as canine distemper, parvovirus and parasitic disease, is a respiratory and gastrointestinal disease that can strike household pets during the rainy season and in humid places.

Experts remind people who keep pets at home to find warning signs in time and attract timely attention.

“We can notice that the dog has a nose, it coughs and sneezes, it has sleepy eyes, and we can notice that the puppy is more tired than usual and may vomit but pass mucus, these are all signs that must be treated.” participate,” said.

Skin disorders, such as fur fungus and joint pain, are also common in animals older than six, which is why he recommends keeping them in dry concrete areas of the home.

“The ideal would be to put a double layer of cardboard so they don’t sit directly on the ground and if they’re exposed to a breeze they get damp, they don’t dry out like we do, the drying time is much longer, Walking in the wet and wind can make them sicker,” he said.

Experts warn that if the pet’s respiratory disease is not controlled in time, bacterial infection, pneumonia, and bronchopneumonia may follow, making the pet’s health more complicated.

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