These are the hospitals and institutes that will serve COVID-19


It will perform a re-conversion of hospital to coordinate and integrate the response of institutes and hospitals to the pandemic COVID-19 in the country, reported the Sunday afternoon the Coordinating Committee of the National Institutes of Health, and Hospitals of High Specialty during the conference daily on coronovaris.

Gustavo Reyes Terán, director of the Commission, reported that for this purpose, they divided the institutes and hospitals in Centers COVID Centers and Not COVID.

In the first are the National Institute of Respiratory Diseases (INER), the National Institute of Medical Sciences and Nutrition Salvador Zubirán , as well as the hospital General of Mexico, Juarez in Mexico, GEA González and Children of Mexico.

The Centers do Not COVID are the Institutes of Cancer, Cardeología, Rehabilitation, Pediatrics, and Perinatology, in addition to the Hospital GEA González, which will have a mixed function.

During the conference, Reyes Terán ruled that the president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador is a suspected case of coronavirus. He said that the last few days he has taken the temperature, and that has not presented fever.

In the country, rose to 20 the number of people killed by this virus and to 993 the confirmed cases, said Ricardo Cortés Alcalá, director-General of Health Promotion.

He added that the country would be in Phase 3 of the epidemic in case of outbreaks occur in all states and overcome the one thousand cases.

He said that that is exactly what you are looking for to avoid with the call to the population to stay at home.

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