These are the tricks the Japanese use to keep their metabolism active

Japan is one of the places with the lowest ratio obesity There is only one in the world because it is estimated that 3.5% of the population suffer from this disease. In other countries, such as the United States, this number will grow to 33.One of the reasons behind this data is technology Original eight partswhich involves stopping eating when a person is 80% full, thereby avoiding overeating and the resulting feeling of heaviness.

The Japanese also use various Tips to keep your metabolism active, contribute a grain of sand to maintaining a healthy weight.One of them is to take green tea Drink a daily drink that also has a positive impact on cholesterol and diabetes. Among its benefits, we also find the amount of vitamins it provides as well as antioxidant properties, which protect us against various types of cancer.

In terms of diet, the Japanese strongly recommend two habits to activate metabolism: Consume fiber and lean protein. The first will also improve intestinal transit, while the second will increase daily caloric lettucethis beet or mushroom They would be a fun option to add to our diet, and fishthis chicken or turkey.

he pressure May have a negative impact on metabolism, so get it under control This is also important so that we do not gain weight.practice Tai Chi, Yoga or do exercise These are some of the actions the Japanese are taking to achieve this goal. Through the latter we will also promote our cardiovascular health and prevent problems such as diabetes or osteoporosis.

Slowing down during meals can also help prevent weight gain

Another habit of the Japanese has nothing to do with what they eat, but how they eat.exactly Eat slowlypaying attention to every bite, can also help not gain weight, as it promotes satietywhich will allow us to consume the right amount of food we need.

Chewing slowly is a practice endorsed by many experts, such as nutritionist Lyndi Cohen, who writes in daily mail It “helps relax the lower abdominal muscles, Allows food to move easily to the small intestine”, in a statement collected confidential.The Australian nutritionist adds that it’s important “to promote healthy digestion and as food is easier to digest, your metabolism can also be boosted.” A study conducted by Kyushu University in Fukuoka (Japan) showed that, for Eating slowly can burn an extra 10 calories per meal.

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