These bad habits make you grow old little by little

Many people reach a certain age by becoming older. aged than average. This is surely because they have bad habits, either pushed by the hourly obligation or because they choose not to take care of themselves. Between the practices that generate aging little by little there are many that are made little by little and without realizing it, so perhaps knowing them we can reverse them.

The downside of having these habits is that they are not only noticed in skin wrinkles, but are also related to the appearance of affections and cardiovascular diseases. But there is always time to change, attending to those warnings sent by the body that indicate that we are doing something wrong.

We have only one body and taking care of it is our responsibility. Most of the healthy habits They are related to take things slower and order our routines: eat at the same time, sleep well and stay hydrated. Next, the list of bad habits to avoid in order not to get old too soon.

Drinking alcohol ages people faster.

Sleep bad

It is seen in the dark circles but also in things that are not seen with the naked eye: sleeping badly is a great enemy for youth. Dark circles cause blood vessels to dilate and skin to appear darker. What ends up happening is that it becomes finer.

Furthermore, not resting properly causes the generation of cortisol and others hormones is altered, which results in aging earlier and may even get worse diseases.

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Not respecting the schedules

It is not just what you eat that matters, but when you eat it. The Cardiac rhtyms are those physical and mental changes that occur in a 24-hour cycle. Our body it is customary to carry out activities at a certain time and is “ordered”. Therefore, when we do not respect those hours and we eat at any time, or we stay up late, those rhythms are affected.

For example, always it is better to consume more calories per day because the metabolism accelerates in those hours. It is convenient to fast at night.

Premature aging can be reduced by correcting these habits.

To drink alcohol

The list of damages that the consumption of alcoholic beverages is long. From the disturbances in the digestive system until the cognitive impairment. In other words, aging has to do with what it brings health problems. In fact, it causes diseases, although its negative effects depend on how susceptible each person is.

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Not hydrating well

The Water It is not only vital for our body, which is composed mostly of it, but it is also the substance that hydrates the skin and keeps her young. The Dry Skin It may be due to other causes, but it also has to do with low water consumption.

Also, not drinking the necessary water brings kidney problems and also affects cognition and memory.

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