These leaked Ads New PUBG Mobile, is Suitable for Adu goal


The leaked map library PUBG Mobile leaked. (YouTube) – A leaked new game, battle royale PUBG mobile a reveals the existence of the new folder. What udapte the new folder PUBG this phone?

Of course, the leaked map leaked new PUBG Mobile is derived from the Chinese version. In a course, this folder is in the form of a library.

Leaked this new specialized map Team Deathmatch (TDM), not the folder outdor ala battle royale. Certainly good news for the fans of TDM PUBG Mobile.

In these holes, which show how to use the library, so a battle arena in the form of a library.

This new folder will be in the form of the indoor area is very spacious, complete with various shelves of books. There are also several floors to the top and the bridge.

The leaked map library PUBG Mobile leaked. (YouTube)
The leaked map library PUBG Mobile leaked. (YouTube)

Locate the folder in this library is suitable for you, if you want a shootout goal in the game, the mobile. It will be a fight PUBG phone is very intense.

From the leaked video-game battle royale is, in a folder, the close combat and distance can happen, the need for a high accuracy.

Not a lot of hiding places in this map, so require the presence of an intense battle between team. Also prove who is better on the target.

Surely the presence of the new folder is penyegram in the mode of TDM in PUBG Mobile. But, unfortunately, this news is just leaked.

We are still waiting for the news official, whether Tencent, put this new folder in the mobile game. If this is true, most likely it will not last long.

Video of the battle in the map Library is still in PUBG China alone. Not seem to hard to make it as a new folder PUBG Global Mobile.