These movies lied when they said they were based on real facts #2 – Spoiler Time


This research leaves us with a certainty: if you’re doing a movie and don’t appreciate how it was the final cut, you must add that was based on a true story. It seems that this is the formula that is used by many studies to attract people.


Either to make more attractive the story, or because there are things that do not convince the directors, all these films hid that it was fiction.

6 Fargo

This example is ridiculous, because the filmmakers knew exactly what they were doing when they rated the movie as real when it is completely fiction from beginning to end. The truth is that the plot of Fargo it exists as a kind of mixture of several crimes of real-life that took place in North Dakota. The Coen they decided that if they sold the movie like a real story from the beginning would be more likely that the public believed in some of their events more extravagant instead of rejecting them as too ridiculous.

In the words of the director Joel Coen: “if an audience believes that something’s based on a real event, it gives you permission to do things they might otherwise not accept”.

7 The Strangers

The Strangers it is a true proof that it is possible to place a tag of “based on a true story” in literally any movie and get away with it.


Or, perhaps somewhere in the world happened that you came to steal this way, but the story is not based on any entradera specific. The director, Bryan Bertino, who also wrote the script of the film, explained: “when I was a child, lived in a house on a street in the middle of nowhere. One night, while our parents were outside, someone knocked on the front door and my little sister answered. On the door there were some people asking for someone who did not live there. Later, we discovered that these people were knocking on doors in the area and, if no one was there; they came to steal. “

Genius of geniuses.

8 Flight

This is the movie where Denzel Washington it flies the plane upside down and it is really amazing. It is also a production “inspired by real facts”that in Hollywood basically it means that there is absolutely nothing in the film looks like what happened in real life.

The writer, John Gatins, was inspired by the crash of the flight 261 of Alaska Airlines in 2000, and cited the incident as the basis of the plot of the film. Of course, there are some notable differences: in real life, the flight crashed when the pilot tried, and failed, to fly the plane upside down; nobody survived the incident, nor the pilot, nor a single passenger. In the fiction, only 6 die.

9 The Perfect Storm

The film, starring George Clooney, Mark Wahlberg, Diane Lane and John C. Reilly, tells the “true story” of the crew of the Andrea Gaila fishing boat that was caught in a storm gigantezca in 1991 and never came back. The names of the real people that died were used for the characters of the film, but then they take a lot of creative licences. The film is composed by different “true stories” of the book The Perfect Stormof Sebastian Junger.

The only thing that is definitely true is the fact that he went out to sea and not returned: almost all of the “incidents” that show happened to other fishermen.

10 Hidalgo

Hidalgo presents Viggo Mortensen with a cowboy hat as Frank Hopkinsa rider american who became legendary for their exploits at the end of the The NINETEENTH century. Hopkinswhile it delves into the Middle East in general have a life on the edge. The film states that Hopkins has indian descent, and it is here where all the matter of the “real story” begins to crumble: in his time, many historians were offended by the amount of conjecture and lies that shows the film. But perhaps the worst thing of all is that the race is central, which sees him traveling 3 thousand miles through the desert Saudinever happened.