These products will help you look beautiful and fit after 50: they are Monica Bellucci’s favorites for a reason.

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Special attention to nutrition after 50 years is simply necessary. Let’s find out Monica Bellucci what she eats to keep fit and always be beautiful.

He is almost 60 years old Monica Belluccibut who could say that? The beauty that has been preserved over time, indeed, it can be said that with age it has become even more magnificent.

The actress, a true symbol of Mediterranean beauty in the world, radiates charm just by looking at her. Very sweet and at the same time sensual, she still works as a model, as in her 20s.

And despite two pregnancies, daughters from an ex-husband Vincent Cassel, devas, who follows in his footsteps and Leoni, always boasts such a physique to scream. Indeed, softer forms only add charm to its appearance.

But how does she always look fit and beautiful? What is his secret? Let’s find out together.

Accept the passage of time

Monica Bellucci he never hid that he had no problems with the time that passes and which inevitably leaves marks on the body of everyone. Perhaps his secret could lie precisely in being able to accept the changes that occur over the years. In an interview with Vanity Fair expressed his thoughts: “I believe that all women in their diversity are beautiful: both full and very thin. I don’t have a code of unique beauty, the dictatorship that imposes the need to behave in a certain way annoys me.”

In addition to the announcement, cheers, oh Don’t focus on losing weight, frankly admits that if she had stayed in her hometown of Citta di Castello in the province of Perugia, today she would have been at least 10 kilograms more. Be careful about your work. However, he adds: “Obviously, if you’re a skinny build, that’s fine, but if you’re a little round and curvy, you shouldn’t get hung up on trying to change your nature.”

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Monica Bellucci’s Favorite Foods to Keep in Shape

But what then eats fabulous Monica Bellucci? The Mediterranean diet is the best. Eat everything, obviously not in excessive doses, keeping the classics. 5 meals a day including two snacks needed to support metabolism. They will consist of fresh seasonal fruits. Therefore, limiting sugar and alcohol would be the right choice, not skipping light physical activity and, why not, if possible, a little lymphatic drainage massage. Which will also be a caress for our body.

In an interview with Sunday Times Monica Bellucci It confirmed: “I have never been strict with my diet. I eat vegetables, fish, meat and pasta. I admit that I refuse something, but only occasionally, because I like to eat and do not like to sacrifice myself. I’m not obsessed with losing weight.”

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