These series are perfect for watching at the gym

For many, returning to September means returning to the gym. While weightlifting and shoulder training can make it difficult to focus on other things, you may find cardio on the bike or treadmill boring.So there are some searches A series suitable for watching at the gym This will make returning to daily life more bearable. Interesting series, short chapters, Great for the gym.

You may be one of those people who thinks so He goes to the gym to train That’s it. But not everyone has the same goals, and not everyone has the same circumstances. If you’re preparing for a marathon, you should probably control your time and pace and not focus on other things. But not everyone does. Some people may have to go to the gym to walk on a treadmill or ride a bike slowly to recover from an injury, or simply because they need to exercise but can’t do it faster.Search in this case Great series to watch at the gym This is a good choice and a way to motivate yourself.

There is a standalone series: Losers

If you want to watch short episodes in a few hours, Losers are good motivation for training. This documentary with standalone episodes is a great series to watch at the gym and we can watch it on Netflix. A documentary about failed athletes, its premise is as clear as its name. They had to give up on the sport, quit for one reason or another, face injuries…but when all seemed lost, they didn’t give up, move on or reinvent themselves.

If we want to get motivated in the gym when we can’t take it anymore and think we can’t take it anymore, we can watch this series on Netflix.Eight episodes under half an hour, perfect to accompany your brief cardio workout and tell inspiring stories Manage failure and turn it into success.

Watch The Losers on Netflix

Most interesting motivation: Ted Lasso

One of the most popular series right now is Ted Lasso. Sports and comedy are among the most important elements today, conquering the public and critics.Ted Lasso is a film by Jason Sudeikis. A lovable American football coach decided to change his life and will now become Responsible for leading an English football club. What he didn’t know much about the game, he made up for with will, hard work and exceptional ability.

Three seasons in total, each short episode lasting about half an hour, which we can watch on the bike or treadmill in the gym, will give us a sense of the will and optimism of a coach who has become indispensable.

Watch Ted Russo on Apple TV+

Short and fun series: Glow

The series “Glow” premiered on Netflix in 2017. Glow is a series that takes us to Los Angeles in the 1980s and transforms a group of women into… Popular warrior. The series from the Orange Is the New Black creator will no longer have episodes, but it was a success in its time and could be a good option if you’re looking for something to watch at the gym. Funny and full of strong women, The skills, camaraderie and efforts of all the protagonists.

Watch Glow on Netflix

Classic: Cobra Kai

If you’re a fan of the classics, Cobra Kai. You can watch all five seasons of the show on Netflix, with new episodes confirmed to be released in the future.johnny and daniel are the main characters of the show The legendary karate kid Here they meet again, decades after the tournament that changed their lives. The sequel to a great classic There is also a short series, about 30 minutes, that you can watch while training. Comedy, action, adventure, hard work, competition and sports.

Watch Cobra Kai on Netflix

Documentary or documentary series

If you’re looking for documentaries to watch at the gym, there are many documentaries you can watch on different streaming platforms. This will depend on the subject you like or the sport you want to watch.We can watch great cycling series or documentaries such as “The Last Dance” About Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls.

This is a gym-friendly documentary series that you can watch on Netflix. Each season consists of 10 approximately 50-minute episodes as we follow the basketball player’s historic seasons in 1997 and 1998. We are fully involved in his decisions and training. , during their game…

Watch The Last Dance on Netflix

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