They accuse the designer of the red dress that Andrea Meza wore in Miss Universe of plagiarism


The spectacular red dress created by Michoacan designer Ivis Lenin and with which Andrea Meza was crowned a week ago in Miss Universe was seen by millions of people and, according to many experts, contributed to her triumph.

However, users of social networks denounced that this design, in scarlet red silk and worked with more than 30 thousand crystals, looks too much like a dress from the firm La Bourjoisie, based in Kuwait and which is dedicated precisely to the making couture models, as well as dressing up various Middle Eastern celebrities.

The similarities between the two dresses are many, being almost identical both in the form and in the materials, the transparency in the front, and the way in which it presents reed fringes placed on the skirt and that move when walking. In addition, it also has a fringed stole that comes out of the neckline and falls on the back.

The only thing that varies is the color since the design of this Arab firm is gold and corresponds to its 2017 collection according to its Instagram account, while the Mexican’s creation was made only a few months ago.

The young man from Michoacán, who is famous for his embroidery and who presented in 2020 in New York a collection based on monarch butterflies, has declared that this dress was designed for Andrea Meza and that it was based on the divas of the golden age of the national cinema, especially in María Félix.

For her part, the new Miss Universe has declared in several interviews after her triumph that she planned to use another dress for the final, by her head designer, Edgar Lozano, but that when she saw the one that Lenin sent her, she was amazed by the strength, the color and movement it had, in addition to the fact that the two Mexican women who had won this contest used that tone, that’s why she chose it.

It is striking that the designer of La Bourjoisie, Nadim Olivera Soudaiha, is Lebanese with Mexican roots, as he claims on Instagram. It is not known if there is a connection between the creators of the dresses.

People looked to the designers, but there was no response until press time.


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