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Tini Stoessel She is one of the most popular singers among urban music fans and You are at a more than successful time in your career. The 24-year-old launched the song a few weeks ago “PUB” next to L-Ghent and in the first hours they exceeded millions of reproductions on all platforms. What’s more, He already anticipated next year with the shows that he will perform at the Palermo Hippodrome.

Anyway, the interpreter of “Lie to Me” next to Maria Becerra, he did not manage to escape from some controversies that circulated regarding his musical projects. Previously, it was said that the duet that Stoessel performed with the leader of the “Cumbia 420 ” refers to an old reggaeton classic, which was a hit of the 2000s.

Tini Stoessel and L-Gante come from different genres and collaborated on “BAR” for the first time.

Now, the most unusual criticisms arrived, that compare the choreography of the artist’s song, with the comical steps that Papu Gómez makes, footballer of the Argentine National Team. It is that during the concentrations, the members of “La Scaloneta” They usually film the player while he performs very funny dances, which drive the most soccer fans on social networks crazy.

Tini Stoessel dances very similar to Papu Gómez.

Look at the comparison between the steps of Tini Stoessel and Papu Gómez!

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