They announced that the bird flu epidemic in the country was under control

The National Animal Quality and Health Service (Senacsa) confirmed on Friday that the avian influenza epidemic in the country has been brought under control. However, the emergency declaration will last until November 25.

The authorities explained that current conditions have allowed the declaration to be stopped, but monitoring will still be carefully maintained.

In May, after the first three bird flu outbreaks were confirmed in Boqueron province, the province declared a state of emergency, installed sanitary barriers in the area and imposed restrictions on the transport of birds and fertilized eggs, as well as the sale of chicks, which were banned ..

This week, Senacsa hosted technical staff from the USDA to strengthen the work of the poultry sector and the Southern Cone Permanent Veterinary Committee to review preparations and actions taken to control the emergency.

Experts stressed that Paraguay uses its resources efficiently and noted the importance of working in coordination with the poultry industry to implement sustainable animal health policies.



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