They approved the new Intensive Therapy subject at the Faculty of Medicine

This Thursday, it was known that they approved the new Intensive Therapy subject at the Faculty of Medicine of the National University of La Plata, and therefore we spoke with the intensivist doctor who promoted the project, Arnaldo Dubin.

“Intensive therapy has structural deficits long before the pandemic, intensive therapy could not have worked in Argentina if it had not been for the help of foreign doctors, mainly Colombian and Bolivian who come to the country to train, to do residency” , the specialist commented explaining.

“Logically all the structural deficiencies were not only exposed to public opinion, but were exacerbated during the pandemic; a lot of our colleagues were infected, they could not work, unfortunately some died, and people were badly beaten, “he added.

“Training in Intensive Care, specialization in any form, requires a four-year residency, bureaucratic times are not those of intensivists, we want to solve everything now,” said Dubin.

“Fortunately, after turning around the commissions, the Faculty Board of Directors met yesterday and unanimously approved the project that we had presented, so now we are hopeful that the file will quickly reach the University and be approved. ”, He concluded.

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