They Are Fans Too! These Celebrities Have Shown Their Love for the Luis Miguel Series

Diego Boneta plays Luis Miguel in "Luis Miguel La Serie"

Despite being celebrities, they have shown their interest in knowing every week what happened in the life of El Sol de México, in addition to admiring the work of Diego Boneta as the main actor of the Netflix series

Through their social networks, several celebrities have shown that they are also spectators interested in knowing what is going to happen in the second season of Luis Miguel’s series. They have published several videos and messages showing that the details in the life of El Sol are not lost and they admire the work of Diego Boneta in the starring role. Here are some of the best known:

Danna Paola

Who acted in another successful Netflix series ( “Elite” ) shared with his followers a video in which he shouts excitedly “come” at the beginning of a chapter. She recently answered a question from her fans about whether she had started watching the show’s second season: “Obviously I already saw it. Now I want it to be Sunday already. I saw the entire first season in Madrid in 20218, and now I also had to see the second season here ”


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Ale Capetillo

The daughter of Biby Gaytán and Eduardo Capetillo (who has become an influencer in social networks) wrote the following message in her Instagram stories: “I saw the second episode and I was obsessed again with the song“ Until you forget me ” ). Later he published a video in which he can be seen singing the song.

Consuelo Duval
The host and comedy actress published a clip in which Diego Boneta appears as El Sol and interpreting the song “What a woman’s level”, complementing it with the comment “you’re great Diego” and some applause emoticons.

Jacky Bracamontes

The former Miss Mexico released a clip in which together with her daughter Jackita appears singing the success of Luis Miguel “Hasta Que me has forgotten”, in addition to publishing part of the lyrics, a reflection that it is one of her favorite songs: “Until you forget me I will try, there will be no one who will bare my mouth like your smile


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Cynthia Urias

The host of the program “Cuéntamelo ya” was not far behind, and in her Instagram stories she soon published a scene from the most recent chapter of the series, also writing that her daughters let her enjoy it: “My Mother’s Day gift ”


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