They are trying to find a dog that ended up in the melting waters of a glacier and disappeared in a stream: two women disappeared, helicopters are working to search

SONDRIO. They would fall into flow who collects water synthesis belonging Glacier fellaria West That two missing women today at high altitude in the territory lanzadaV Provinces from Sondrio (here article), after accident happened when they tried get their dog backcompleted within well water. Notification arrived at power some tourists present in region where, says Dolomites shelter manager Roberto BignamiRescuers have been on the scene for several hours. Job continue operations researchincluding through the use helicopters.

The accident is believed to have taken place at St. glaciological trail “B”at a height of approx. 2600 meters on sea ​​level. According to some witnesses, Two women they would be in the same area relatively flatupstream from one podium metal which allows crossroads belonging flow for tourists. It was there, for reasons yet to be clarified, animal AND finished in water. An attempt was immediately made to return it, which, however, led to fell into the stream both tourists.

During these days heatsays manager Bignami, La current within the course water AND very strong especially when the sun high And Fellaria confluence it gets more intensive. Exactly because of this reason fear that two tourists were swept away by the waters ice, sinking. On the site, in any case, everything is as indicated at work. rescuers continue long search flow which, after the waterfall, plunges into the basin Alpe Gera.

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