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The entity “Alguien Como Yo FQ” recalls that “September 8th is World Cystic Fibrosis Day” and in this context warns that “Entre Ríos needs to comply with the National Cystic Fibrosis to prevent the people of Entre Ríos from suffering from this disease so that they can have a better life”, confirms AIM.

“September is a really big month for all of us who do CF for people like me because September 8th is World Cystic Fibrosis Day.”

In this sense, they detail, “there are currently 55 people living with this disease in our province who are fighting for a better quality of life. Therefore, the State of Entre Ríos needs to comply with the 2020 Approved National Cystic Fibrosis Law so that Entre Ríos living with this disease can live a better life.”

“Our province needs to address the project proposed by Deputy Uriel Brupbacher MP via Document No. 25510 of April 26, 2022 so that we can continue to breathe a future together,” they warned.

Let’s remember that People Like Me CF is an entity whose goal is to advance knowledge about cystic fibrosis, accompany patients, spread knowledge about the pathology, and raise awareness of the importance of organ donation.

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What is CF

CF is an “autosomal recessive” congenital disorder; autonomous meaning that both males and females can have it.

Cystic fibrosis has a variety of symptoms. The most common are:

Salt loss through excessive sweating (dehydration)

Frequent respiratory infections (bronchopneumonia, pneumonia, bronchiolitis)

chronic diarrhea or greasy stools

Inability to gain weight despite a good appetite despite a thin appearance

Different degrees of malnutrition, slightly bulging abdomen

chronic cough

shortness of breath during physical activity

chronic sinusitis

Cystic fibrosis is a non-communicable genetic disease that remains incurable until now, even thanks to advances in science and physicians and the various approved drug treatments that most patients share.

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