They ask for donations for actor Roberto D’Amico; suffers from pneumonia, COVID-19 and urinary tract infection

Roberto D'Amico was hospitalized in critical condition (Photo: Instagram)
Roberto D’Amico was hospitalized in critical condition (Photo: Instagram)

A well-known actor in the soap opera world has returned to the attention of the entertainment world after a serious hospitalization. Histron Argentina, based in Mexico, Roberto Damicosuffering from three diseases.

According to some publications on social networks, the first South American actor was hospitalized in a hospital in Mexico City with COVID-19, pneumonia and a urinary tract infection.

famous actress susan alexander Request financial support for Argentinian TV actor through his social networks Esmeralda, my way is to love you and fire burns in bloodBecause the hospital bills keep going up and the actors don’t have the support of the ANDA (National Actors Association).

“Good afternoon. I dare to ask you to support my friend Mr. Roberto D’Amico, who is facing a serious health crisis. If you can help us as much as you canI will be forever grateful,” wrote Suzanne Alexander on Tue, Aug 01, 2023.

Suzanne Alexander shared the health of her friends and colleagues (Photo: Instagram)
Suzanne Alexander shared the health of her friends and colleagues (Photo: Instagram)

In her message, the actress How to Be a Good Jewish Grandmother He shared an image where you can see an image of the actor and read:

“It all adds up! Let’s help actor Roberto D’Amico, who is hospitalized in Obertigón Hospital with COVID-19, pneumonia and a severe urinary tract infection. His situation is very delicate, This is why hospital costs are rising. He does not have insurance or the help of an ANDA. Any contributions are welcome. Anonymous or not. Thank you so much. “Susanna Alexander,” the veteran actress who shared the stage with D’Amico in 2020 wrote Journey to the Heart of Words.

The donation account in the name of Susana Alexander is as follows: Citibanamex account number 9034072088 Clabe Interbancaria 0021 80020976 055401.

Currently, there is little information about the actor’s performance. Alexander is expected to keep the public abreast of celebrity updates.

Suzanne Alexander and Roberto D'Amico maintain a friendship over their love of stagecraft (Photo: Instagram)
Suzanne Alexander and Roberto D’Amico maintain a friendship over their love of stagecraft (Photo: Instagram)

Roberto D’Amico is an actor and producer Televisa Born May 1, 1946 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He started his acting career in theater and later in the 1980s, he branched out into soap operas, which began showing on television.

In addition to participating in such bet on love, i love juan quillendon and victory of love.

D’Amico has also ventured into the big screen, appearing in films that have been recognized by the public and professional critics, such as Herod’s law, and your mother, crimes of father amaro and the secret in their eyes.

“Suzanne and I were postgraduate scholarship recipients in the UK, and that’s where[the show]was born. We were the only Spanish-speaking actors and they asked us to do that in all the Hispanic studies departments in the UK, and it went from there , it follows an itinerary and we’ve made it hundreds of functions,” the actor told the newspaper in 2020 Cretato Rotary Club about Use words to explore the inner journeyThis work again features Federico García Lorca, Pablo Neruda, Rosario Castellanos, Santa Teresa de Jesus, Lope de Texts by prominent Latin American and Spanish authors such as Vega and Leon Felipe.

Suzanne Alexander and Roberto D’Amico have shared the stage several times and the Argentine actor assures that he has a very strong chemistry with the German-Jewish-Mexican actress.

“I have to say, I’ve worked with Suzanne for so many years, there’s so much you can find on stage, there’s a natural chemistry, and it’s an honor to share the stage with her, which is amazing,” she said at the time.

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