They ask Minsalud to take action to ensure supply of hepatitis C medicines

this The Attorney General’s Office asked Health Minister Guillermo Alfonso Jaramillo to take urgent and effective action to ensure the supply of medicines. Indicated for the treatment of chronic hepatitis C disease.

He also asked Adres to continue with the formalities for purchasing the drugs directly.which is why it has also been the subject of requests from the organization in recent days, with the aim of showing the corrective measures taken.

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Attorney General assures Received a report reflecting EPS drug supply shortages in 2023, This prevents hundreds of people with the disease from receiving timely treatment.

“In accordance with the provisions of the law, the Ministry Within the scope of its obligations, medicines are procured through the “centralized procurement” system. However, delays in the process put the health of citizens suffering from this high-cost chronic disease at risk,” the agency said.

Furthermore, they emphasized that cost-optimized drug management is also the responsibility of ministerial decisions, but Price negotiations and business strategy are no excuses for non-compliance Protect Colombians’ basic right to health.

The agency is conducting appropriate investigations Determine whether ministry officials are subject to disciplinary liability for failure to perform their duties Ensure medicines for chronic diseases.

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This isn’t the first time the agency has called attention to the combination due to drug shortages, as the attorney general’s office has asked in several letters for action to provide necessary supplies to treat the disease. Especially those who require ongoing treatment.

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