They asked Director Dean about the scrap metal contract

The Office of the Attorney General asked Luis Carlos Reyes, director of the National Tax and Customs Administration (Dian), to provide information on a contract that was allegedly signed without complying with legal requirements.

organism Warning regarding the scrap weight protocol generated during the scrapping of goods For this purpose, it is provided by Dian, which is guaranteed to melt or denature, depending on its nature.

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For the Attorney General’s Office, A violation may occur because apparently the entity returns to one of the processes Receive suggestions from additional bidders.

“The warning says The flaw is not minor or merely a procedural flaw because the recovery operation Continuing with the bidding would affect the very nature of the public auction process,” the letter stated.

In this case, The organization requires a report, in which a report containing analysis must be sent, Exhausted stages are allowed to reappear in the selection process, while these stages are exclusive and mandatory.

Apart from, The current status of the selection process must be reported Publish bidders’ final evaluation reports, public auction hearing minutes, and authorizer’s preliminary financial offers.

Finally, Director Reyes A current contract manual must be submitted to the Attorney General’s Office From the date of publication of the reference selection process.

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Apart from, They convened a work table so the agency’s team could work with Diane’s team to look at the required documents. and analyze together with the entity’s legal team the measures taken to prevent any impact on the process, taking into account the decision of the Attorney General’s Office.

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