They asked for an “urgent” referral of trainees to Córdoba

They asked for an “urgent” referral of trainees to Córdoba

Valeria Moreno, the trainee’s aunt, said it was necessary and urgent to “transfer Alejandro to Córdoba” because it is a place of “high complexity”.

Alejandro was admitted to Villabaros Hospital a few days ago with a photo of kidney failure. According to his family, the complications in his health were caused by his activities at the Police Cadet School in Chepes. A few hours earlier, the young man had suffered from bilateral pneumonia and his condition was not improving.

moreno says “We don’t want to wait any longer. Hospitals don’t have to keep pushing. We need it to go to a highly complex place. In addition, he commented that as of early Monday morning, they had not received information about the young man’s health status.

“We’re desperate that he hasn’t progressed as much as he should have. They told us they would support us and we would like to see that support in his transfer. We have no information on his state of health. Alejandro was severely dehydrated and had lost muscle mass. Please help us, we want to take him to Cordoba, where he has everything. Why are we here? We want Alejandro to come home,” said the young man’s aunt.

“I don’t know if there will be training. It’s torture for me. He wants to join the police. All medical studies were done, he passed and entered. I was very happy. They took him to the training ground…it was hot in those days. He came home tired and told us all he wanted was water. They won’t let them drink water, they should give them time, but they can’t all drink water. They stood there from 7am to 11am, motionless. That was the first day he was accepted, and then they took him to training camp. “Auntie said.

Alejandro went back to school the next day and during the event he sent his girlfriend a message saying he wanted water but they didn’t give him water and he felt bad. That’s when he asked to be taken home, which didn’t happen. According to his aunt, Alejandro spent hours at school without medical attention until they allowed him to go home. On his return, his health was failing and he was vomiting constantly, and his parents took him to Chepes Hospital. Precisely, they told him there that he was suffering from severe dehydration.

Alejandro’s mother, Maria de los Ángeles Corso, said her son had been feeling bad since last Tuesday, from when he declared “he was wrong” to when he came home. for hours. “They didn’t take him to the hospital. From the training they took him to the school, they dumped the man,” the woman explained.

“At the hospital, they told us he was very dehydrated,” Corzo insisted. “My son took medical studies and passed. What happened was they didn’t want to give him water. i just ask for water’ he explained with regret and concern.

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